Notifications as a service
Tell lets you create and receive notifications exactly how you want to. Keep your audience in the know, or curate your own integrated notifications feed.
1h ago
Final score is in! 102-95 Warriors win against the Lakers!
2h ago
We are officially renaming the event to couchella-2020
3h ago
Conference starts in 2 hours! You will sign in at hall 3, badge number 10938
4h ago
Rush week next week. Get excited to meet the new pledges!
5h ago
World leaders meet in Davos for the world economic forum.
6h ago
An item on your watch list [Harry Potter Wand] price has dropped 18% to $102
7h ago
70 low 84 high cloud cover will burn off at 11:32am
8h ago
Verbiage: A profusion of words usually of little or obscure content.
A complete toolkit
Tell is packed with features that enable endless possibilities for a complete notifications experience.
Create channels
Notify your followers of any event or topic you want – public or private.
Curate content
Follow whatever messaging channels you want to stay up-to-date with.
API integrations
Integrate with a custom service to automate your updates.
App clips
Make channels followable with a QR scan – even to those without the app.
Embed images
Pair your notification messaging with the imagery of your choice.
Notification reactions
Followers can react to notifications and tell you what they're thinking.
Ephemeral messaging
Channels can be created or deleted whenever you want. Even set an expiration date.
Custom timing
Schedule notifcations to be sent out to your channel ahead of time.